Code LightFaced with the need to display the highlighted code on the pages. Unfortunately, I could not find a good plugin for this purpose. Everything that is on JED does not hold water. An online search did not give acceptable results.

vmCitiesOnline stores often have an extensive network of offices in different cities. And a very frequent situation arises when different prices are in different cities. Naturally, it will be very convenient for the visitor if he can choose his city, and the correct prices will automatically be set.

QuickForm 2 is a simple and functional solution that allows you to create dynamic forms on Joomla!. With its help, you can quickly create complex forms that are not accessible by functionality to any other builder. In particular, this is manifested in the ability to make dependent lists and dependent groups of fields without limiting the level of nesting and the number of repetitions, as well as build dynamic (changing during the selection of fields) calculators.

QuickForm 3QuickForm 3 is a powerful extension for creating web forms. One of the best builders, written for designers, webmasters, ordinary users and experienced developers who work with the popular engine Joomla! The component is superior in capabilities, but has a simple interface and high code rendering speed. It will be the best choice if you want to develop fast sites with low server load. Thanks to the flexibility and custom architecture, QuickForm 3 allows you to make unique forms, applications, calculators, determinants, extensive tests, polls, dynamic content modules.