An example of how the component works in the store mode. Unlike other online store scripts, QuickForm adds its forms to the cart as products. It can be the whole form, and if necessary, then part of it.

In addition to the interface shown, the component has a minicart module (not used here). This module can be published on all pages of the site and have access to the shopping cart on other pages. You can put any form of the component in the basket, that is, it can be forms from other projects.

In fact, the store mode is no different from the usual one, you need to create a form structure in the admin panel and write a style file. Only instead of the submit button, the addToCart button is displayed in the form. Plus, the store mode must be enabled in the component configuration.


This example includes five projects: equipment - the main project with goods, equipment Atlas Copco GVS 300 - for a quick order. And three more projects for the online shopping cart (delivery, payment, contacts).

Since the cart settings are component-wide, they cannot be imported with projects, so setting up the example is a bit more complicated than usual.

Installation order.

  • 1. Download file
  • 2. Import the file through the project manager of the QuickForm component.
  • 3. Make the output of the main equipment project on the site page (more).

Download: KB)

After installing the example, you need to go to the component settings and enable the store mode there. If you want the user to be able to attach files to the cart, you also need to enable the mode of uploading files to the server.

Now we have an item in the menu with the settings for the extension cart. Open the "cart window" tab and enter all your project ids. Delivery: enter the project id "Delivery method", Payment: enter the project id "Payment method", Contacts: write the id "Contact information".

Switch to the "Email Settings" tab and enter your email where we send the letter, for example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We save. We look. We understand. We do our own.

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