An example of a form using the "qfAdder" widget (a simplified version of the shopping cart).

QuickForm is convenient because the site administrator independently manages the form without resorting to the services of a developer for every little thing. The extension provides an administrative interface that allows you to change prices, headings, add or remove new fields, change their settings. An experienced developer defines the architecture of the form and writes a style file. Further work with it will be available to a person without special training. Below is an interesting example that demonstrates the extension possibilities.

In contrast to the shop mode with a full-fledged cart (to which the form with all its structure will be added), the component also has a simplified version of the cart, to which items from the list of the special "boxadder" field will be added. If you don't need discounts, complicated math and other tricky things, this widget is an easy alternative.

Cart empty

The "qfAdder" widget consists of two special fields: "boxadder" и "addercart". "Boxadder" displays in the form a list of items that the user will select. "Addercart" displays the cart container where they will be placed (can be displayed anywhere on the form: bottom, side, floating). In this example, "addercart" is at the bottom.

For questions, contact support, I will answer all the points that interest you. If necessary, it is possible to work out the widget (adding new functionality), as well as setting up and developing a ready-made form for a specific site.

Installation order.

  • 1.Download file
  • 2. Import the file through the QF3 Component Project Manager.
  • 3.Specify your e-mail address in the project settings.
  • 4. Display the form on a website page (more).

Download (installed only on the activated component): KB)