An example of constructing a form with the "stepper" widget. The widget displays a step-by-step form interface with forward and back buttons (step 1, step 2...).

Step 1 of four.

I want to write a few lines for people who are looking for ready-made forms to install them on their site in "one click". The examples on this site are educational. They are so that you can see how you need to organize the structure of the form, how you can customize the fields of the component to get one effect or another. Forms that are made for a working site are created differently, much longer in time. It's a creative process that includes design, markup, and styling. Often they include a lot of fields and widgets.

The builder speeds up the process by providing ready-made interfaces. But appearance, functionality, generally the overall effect, it does not provide. This point is up to you and your skill. An example needs to be downloaded and installed in QuickForm, see how it is made. There is nothing to describe here, it will not be difficult to understand.

Installation order.

  • 1. Download the file
  • 2. Import the file through the project manager of the QuickForm component.
  • 3. Specify your e-mail address in the project settings.
  • 4. Make a form display on the site page (more).

Download: KB)