PPF-3The PPF-3 component is an easy way to display a button to sell a file, electronic content, video, or something similar. It is a compact and fast store component.

Sometimes you want to sell something. We are not talking about professional work with the goods, which requires large specialized scripts for online stores, but which, nevertheless, requires a certain automation of the process. For example, you need to sell files, information or something electronic in such a way that the process is carried out without the direct participation of the administrator.

There are many options for solving the problem, including those written specifically for Joomla. But when I faced the need to sell some of my own developments, all these decisions were rejected. The reason is simple - a huge unnecessary code with insufficient functionality.

Let's look at the points that need to be considered for organizing such a trade. First, the goods must be delivered to the buyer instantly. This obliges the store script to do all the necessary checks on its own, securely and without the participation of an administrator.

Secondly, as a rule, there is no need to take into account tens of thousands of items of goods. When working with several dozen units of goods, a different approach is needed. Instead of specially written large and heavy templates, you can use standard materials into which you simply insert a sale button. At the same time, we get full control over the content of the product card and its appearance, for the most part, already designed by the site template style file.

Thirdly, the solution must be simple, compact and have a minimum number of settings, instead of which smart algorithms should be used. It should not have obligatory interfaces that reduce the likelihood of a purchase, such as registration, or intermediate elements, such as a shopping cart.

Structurally, PPF-3 is an algorithm that interacts between its two components - functional modules and payment modules. These modules are independent units and can be installed separately, the component will work with any combination.

Function module.

It performs the main work of the component, includes the settings of the button (s), appearance, and the behavior of the component after the transaction. Several function modules are pre-installed as an example. These are: "Execution of php code", "Selling a file", "Free file download", "Hidden content", "Issuing keys", "Paid video viewing".

Payment system.

Performs the integration of a merchant of any external payment system into the component. As an example, PPF-3 has pre-installed merchants: YooMoney, RoboKassa, WebMoney. Based on any installed merchant, you can create one or more payment systems with different settings.

What features does PPF-3 have?

1. Unavailability of files for downloading via direct links. For example, an archive with PPF-3 is located at plasma-web.ru/components/com_ppf3/assets/files/10/17/PF3_v3.0.01.zip. But if you try to take it away from there, you won't succeed.

2. Individual access to the product download link. Only the user who made the payment will be able to use it. In more detail, access is opened for a specific device, that is, a browser, and remains open for a specified time.

3. Downloading a file from the site (without sending it to the mail, as the mail services, according to the new rules, block email with attachments). By and large, functional modules have the flexibility to implement the required functionality. Users familiar with php can change the behavior of built-in modules or create new instances.

4. Checking payment parameters. One of the basic requirements required for automated trading. If in a regular online store the administrator can check the transaction before sending the product to the user, then in this case this responsibility lies entirely with the component itself.

5. Multicurrency. It is expressed in the fact that you can set the price of the product in one currency, and display the product on the page in another. Price recalculation is fully automated. Currency quotes are requested daily by the component from the CBR server and cached.

6. Possibility to set a correction factor for a separate payment system of the component. In this case, the cost of the goods will differ and the user will be able to make a more convenient choice.

7. A powerful functionality in PPF-3 is a wonderful sales graph that allows you to analyze the success of advertising strategies and general trade statistics, with a selection for any period of time, by individual functional modules, payment systems, categories, products and the store as a whole. Attention! All sales are converted into the selected currency at the current (today's) rate.

Download component PPF-3 from the link.

Compatibility Joomla! 3+, Joomla! 4+

There are two examples of how the extension works on this page. To download the installation archive of the component, use the "Free file download" functional module. Below is an example of the Paid Video View module with a free preview (18 seconds).

Test the module by making a real transaction. Viewing the full video will be available immediately after payment.
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