With QuickForm you can make interactive forms of any structure, nesting and design. Such forms look quite impressive, they speak of the seriousness and level of your site. The user receives a tool with which he can "try on" the product in an environment suitable for him. Or he can assemble a set of something from separate parts to see how it will look all together. This increases the sales of the site.

In fact, there is no difficulty in making a screen on which different elements will appear when one or another option is selected. It is much more difficult to associate it with the selection menu of these options. So that the site administrator can subsequently manage all this on his own, without resorting to the help of a developer each time, changing prices, adding or removing new interactive elements.

This is exactly what QuickForm does. Below is a simple example that I spent several hours on, mainly searching and processing images.


There is no point in describing how this is done. You need to install the project on your site and see for yourself.

Installation order.

  • 1. Download file doors2.qf3.zip.
  • 2. Import the file through the project manager of the QuickForm component.
  • 3. Enter your email address in the project settings.
  • 4. Put the project on the site page (more).

Download: doors2_en.qf3.zip(71 KB)

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