Despite the fact that QuickForm is a form builder, you can make excellent stores on it, surpassing those made on specialized store scripts. The component opens up such opportunities that were not yet available before it, but there was a significant need for them.

QuickForm can create calculators of any complexity, including those with dynamic fields and dynamic field groups. To do this, the component has four types of calculators that calculate by a formula, without a formula, and also from the logic written in a php file. Calculators are designed for the average level of the user, but you will need knowledge of mathematics. In this article, I will try to describe each of the four types and give simple examples of how they work. To return to the QuickForm page, follow the link: QuickForm.

The form builder allows you to make tabs in many ways. Tabs can be made in javascript, css, or a combination of them using the customHtml field. Obviously, QuickForm would not be quick if it did not offer a ready-made widget for the usual interface. In fact, there are two ways to implement tabs in the component, and these ways will lead to two different functional results.